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Oct 8, 2012

Two more souls enter the path toward Eternal Life

Hello Friends and Family!

This week was certainly exciting. The most prevalent piece of information: Angel and Yesenia got married and baptized on the 3rd of October! The wedding was very simple, and literally lasted about 15 minutes. They then got dressed into their baptismal clothing and they were baptized! I got to baptize Angel, and Elder Gomez baptized Yesenia. It was a wonderful moment, especially because we worked so hard to get them to that point. Thank you for all your prayers in regards to them!
After visiting them again, they say: "we feel a happiness and peace in this house that we've never felt before!" (Spanish to English translation). The gospel changes lives and it's so spectacular to see that change in our investigators.

Next juicy piece of meat, similar to the steak and salmon my family got this week from our neighbors, is General Conference. My companion, Elder Gomez, got a ticket to go down to conference live in the Sunday afternoon session. This was a wonderful experience, he says, however it prevented us from being with our investigators. It was disappointing to find out that 0/8 of our investigators watched, heard or saw conference in any form. The main challenge was the fact that... we had nowhere to listen to it in Spanish. The branch didn't broadcast it in Spanish or do anything of the sort, so while I enjoyed all the talks in English, my investigators were perishing in unbelief because of the lack of resources needed to listen in their appropriate language.

What an announcement regarding the age of missionaries! The first person I thought of was Josh Smith. He's in his Senior year of high school and if I’m not mistaken, turns 18 on the 4th of November. He has some life changing things to think about! I'm glad I was able to attend a freshman year at BYU; it really gave me a chance to learn some self discipline, and other skills needed in the mission field. It will certainly take more faith, I think, to go straight out of high school into the mission field! I expect to see some fresh 18 year olds in about a year! As far as 19 year old Women entering the field, I think this will increase the number of sister missionaries incredibly, seeing as most girls get married at 19-20 *cough* Jessica Freeman *cough* It will be interesting to have sisters in the mission field, soon, who will be more like us boys, immature, and less like mothers (the 21+ year old sisters are always far too akin to mothers already!)

Sadly I left my notebook containing my notes from conference at home, but one of my favorite discourses was at the beginning of the Saturday Morning session by Elder Nelson, who said over and over "Ask the Missionaries!" after every gospel doctrine he went over. It's so true, the blessings and things that he proclaimed, and yes, us missionaries can help in all of those aspects!

As I said earlier, I had the opportunity to listen to conference in English. I went on splits with a 6'6 elder named Elder Bennit, from Sammamish Washington. He's been on the mission since Sept. 4th (same as Sky!), and he spent the whole time flirting with the family's daughters. It was quite humorous to see how much I’ve matured in 4~ months, or at least the difference between him and me. Elder Bennit told me that he's used to being short, that being 6'6 he was the 5th tallest person in his ward back home, with two 6'10 giants. It made me think of how much of a dwarf Peter would be in that ward.

I finally got my bike brought over from the mission office over to our home. I might go on some bike rides for exercise now in the mornings! It sure it’s a fine piece of art.

It's great to hear that things are going well at home, and that the family was able to watch conference! I'm so grateful for technology, and the ability we have to view conference from the comfort of our homes!
I've also been developing a much greater appreciation for the technology we have been given by God regarding our very own bodies. They are master pieces and much be taken care of. I'm so thankful that, though our bodies grow old and weaker, one day we will be resurrected to a perfect body that will never grow old and weak! (Alma 40:23)

Always remember, the Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away, but under every type of trial or circumstances, sickness or in health, we must give thanks to the Lord our God for all that he hath given us.

I love you all and I hope you will go back and study the words of the general authorities that we have learned this week. There is so much more to learn!

With deep humility and Love for all of your well beings,

Elder Toborg

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