Monday, October 29, 2012

Oct 22, 2012

Buenos Dias Hermanos y Hermanas!

The first thing on my mind is: Darn no email from Peter yet, I was hoping to hear about his Mexican experiences! I'm sure he's doing great, he's been down there now for a whole week. He's probably got 5-10 baptisms and beginning work on converting the whole Mexican drug cartel with his loving manner and being a "man of large stature" just like Nephi! 

Our district had a rather slow/discouraging week as far as missionary work goes. Our numbers were low, but my spirits are high! We have a very solid investigator named Alejandro. Besides the temptation to start singing lady Gaga every time I say his name, our lessons have been going great. He's really taking the atonement into his life, and he was particularly disturbed by the Law of Chastity, which only drove his desire for baptism and forgiveness of sins to an even greater height.

We had a lot of people commit to come to church and the only one who did was Alejandro. This is a prime example of: without a desire to do something, people aren't going to do it. Alejandro has the desire to change, and so he does as God commands. We, as missionaries and as members of the church, need to share our experiences with the church with other people, to create the desire to change in these people. Elder Gomez and I have been working on teaching how to get people to attend church lately, and you really have to resort to your own testimony of how church has changed your life. 

I'm slowly beginning to understand more Spanish, but as I find myself over 1/6th of the way through my mission, the fear that I won't be fluent in the language is beginning to creep over me. I can understand most everything that my companion says, because I’m used to his accent now, and I understand the way he speaks. There are so many people from so many different places! I'll learn, the Lord is at my back, I cannot fail when I trust in Him!

Thank you Dad for your scripture, Mosiah 2:41; I've read it many times but this time it change something within me. Keep the commandments of God, you will be blessed spiritually and temporally. Who wouldn't want blessings on NOW on Earth, AND later in Heaven!? The plan of God is perfect and beautiful. 

Make sure you have a testimony of the Book of Mormon and more importantly of Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith. I saw the example of a member of a family we ate dinner with; she did not have a testimony of the divinity of the Book of Mormon and simply thought "it was a good book" and as a result, she married a non-member and now is non-active and openly admits it and tells everyone that "it’s just not for [her]." 

I know that this is the Church of Jesus Christ, and that he is just waiting to bless us if we will listen to his advice, or commandments. 

I hope to hear from all of you in letters! Replies to your letters are in route! 

Love you all 

~ Elder Toborg ~ 

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