Monday, October 29, 2012

Oct 15, 2012

Hello Friends and Family!

Yet another week has come and gone in the service of the Lord. This week my companion and I focused heavily on teaching less active and recent convert families. We have been able to see Angel and Yesenia every day, since we have two other investigators in the same apartment complex! They are moving along well, reading and praying daily. They showed up late to sacrament meeting and missed the sacrament. Later, Angel told us that he was very disappointed that he missed the time to renew his newly formed baptismal covenants. 

This week, our Zone is doing a special fast, and study about the Atonement. Every day, we will be studying the Savior's Atonement, and I have already seen the blessings of it in my life! As missionaries, we are here to testify of Jesus Christ, and offer the saving ordinances that will allow people to live with their God, their Father who is in Heaven, and live with their families for all of eternity. During role plays, or practices that we do between missionaries to teach better, whenever I get stuck or trip over my own words, I just bear testimony of Christ. You can never go wrong with a testimony! 

People are accustomed to short, powerful statements. The first time I saw this format was in Peter Maughan's English papers that I helped edit in our freshman year of college. He is an excellent speaker, and these short powerful statements is what he was accustomed to writing, to reflect how he would speak. Though it may not be the most elegant style of penmanship, it certainly is beautiful missionary form, and will serve him well in the field. It's very easy to talk too much, people like to talk. If you want people to think, ask clarifying questions, after you've taught a principal simply and clearly. President Miller calls this "BCS" Bull championship series! No, Brief, Clear, Simple.

I had my first interview with my mission president, President Miller. The interview lasted about 2 minutes, in which I asked a doctrinal question, he answered, and said "good job, keep going." Sadly, in preparation for this interview, the previous P-day I had to find and obtain my first hair cut in the mission field. It was "Columbus day" in Utah, and everything was closed. The only option I had was to have one of our fellow missionary's landlady give me a buzz with the #2 extension. My hair is shorter than when Peter cut my hair before the mission! I vow to never get my hair this short again; I've already lost respect by some of my investigators! (jokingly). 

 We had a lesson on the Word of Wisdom in priesthood yesterday. From this lesson I learned that I, along with almost every missionary and probably other members of the church, have not been following the word of wisdom. We eat meat every day, sometimes for two meals, and we do not eat the things we need to be eating. My fault may not be with lack of healthy food, but just a consumption of food for pleasure and not necessity. I've taken it upon myself to follow the word of wisdom from now on, in all things that I eat. Just by following this law to the exact, I've lost two pounds in two days! Blessings are already coming! I encourage you all to study D&C 89, and then live according to what it says. Don't be slothful and give excuses as to why you are not eating healthy, it's just plane laziness. Take the time to research, buy, and then consume the things the Lord has given us to keep ourselves healthy. Make this life physically painless by keeping your body in tip-top shape!

Great to hear about the wonderful weekend you had back home! President Johnson is a stud, so is President Stapley and all of our other stake leaders! It's great to hear about the Gaans and their successes and service toward our family, tell them thank you for watching over my family for me with meals! 

Thank you for the letters I receive, Jessica Freeman; I’ve gotten all your letters and I’m in the process of writing back! Thank you!

Sadly, I slacked and didn't reply to one of Peter's letters, and now I get to send the letter to Mexico! So great to hear that he's leaving the MTC. He's going to become a much greater man, I know it. 

The spirit is a very wise companion, always seek for it in all things that you do. I only see success in my Spanish and scriptural knowledge when I'm in tune with the Spirit, and my mind seems so sluggish without it. 

Are Josh Smith and Christy Corbitt are working on their papers? I'd assume Christy would be, but I'd also tell Josh that if he wanted to do a year of college before, that's also fine. Tell me all the updates on people who put their papers in at age 18/19 in the ward!

 Thank you all for your support and love! Have a great week, and remember to Pray, Read your scriptures every day, go to church, and have the spirit with you

 May the Lord bless you in all the things you ask for and do to follow his commandments,

Elder Toborg


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