Monday, September 3, 2012

Sept. 3, 2012
First Baptism!

 Hello Friends and Family!

This week I got to see the sins washed away of Jaime Montoya, and confirm him a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Through this ordinance, Jaime will be able to partake of the blessings of the Celestial Kingdom of God, and return to live with him once again; if he endures to the end.

When the baptism was performed, Elder Gonzalez said "te confirmo" instead of the correct "yo te confirmo" and so Jaime had to be dunked under the water twice :P
Thankfully, I did not mess up during the confirming and so Jaime didn't have to be confirmed twice :P
It was a great experience seeing the change in his life that this has brought, but he did have an addiction to smoking, so far, through Christ, he's been able to stop smoking for over 3 weeks! I know he'll be able to stop forever if he continues to read the scriptures and continue in the path of the gospel.

This past week, I had my first Zone Conference, which consisted of my zone and the Kearns zone. The conference lasted 6 hours, and we were spoken to by our Mission president, the assistants, the mission president’s wife, our zone leaders, and did some role-play practice. The main focus of the conference was the importance of the Book of Mormon.

Through the Book of Mormon, we can pray and learn from God that the book is true, and because of that Joseph Smith was God's prophet here on Earth with the same Priesthood power that existed in Christ's ministry in the Bible. I learned that the easiest way to explain this is to have investigators read the introduction of the Book of Mormon; it explains it far better than I would be able to.

We also learned at the conference the power of scriptures, and that we should turn to the scriptures to answer questions at every possible opportunity. We then got to take a test to see if we knew off hand where the answers to the questions of the soul were such as "Is there really a God?" (Alma 22:17-20) "What is the purpose of life?" (Alma 34:32-34) "What does God expect of me?" (Mosiah 2:22) "How can i protect my family from the evil in the world today?" (Alma 39) "Why do bad things happen to good people?" (Alma 60:13). It's so great to know that the Book of Mormon, along with modern day revelation, can help us answer every question of the Soul that we have.

After zone conference we had something called "Missionary Mall" where they had a bunch of things out on tables for us to take such as toothpaste, old clothes, old shoes, deodorant [not old ;)]. I love Missionary Mall because I was able to score myself some well-used size 13 Basketball shoes. They fit perfectly and make me feel like I can jump 5 ft. in the air, when in reality they really don't help
my hops :P but it's the thought that counts right!

My Spanish is coming along well; but... now I do not have two native speakers; Elder Gonzalez got special transferred on Saturday, and replaced with... Elder Parks! from Austin Texas! Our families knew each other when we lived in Austin. He'll only be with us till the end of the transfer (2 weeks), but still it's great to have him as a companion! He said "I got a letter from your mom while in the MTC" the first day I was in the mission field, but that didn't register with me until now I realize who he is. Elder Parks has been out 7 months and he's really good at understanding what the people are saying to him; something that I’ve been struggling with, but with time I’ll be as good as him at Spanish. For now I’m still in a 3 some; Elder Gomez, Parks and I.

We went on another trip down to Temple Square with our investigator Frank, who is 17 and won't be baptized until his mother allows him. We were hoping that Temple Square would motivate him to bear his testimony to his mother, which is what we've been pushing for him to do for a while now; but... it didn't seem to work because he hasn't born his testimony to her yet and he also told us he'd be at church 1 hour before it started, but he still didn't even show up. Oh well, all we can do is invite others to come unto Christ, while respecting one of God's greatest gifts: Agency.

Hope you're all doing well now that the school year has started up!
Write me so I have someone to write back on P-days ;)

Love you all and I continue to pray for your welfare, friends and family.
Hurrah for Israel!

-Elder Toborg-


  1. hello sir daniel hiram valdivieso writes from Venezuela and saw my adoptive father Mr. Jaime Montoya is attending his church really glad I have found a lot to at least the information and God bless you and all who are next to him, he's a tremendous person very cooperative if you would be so kind please to inform you that I wrote to know he would really appreciate it, I send a big hug both him and his family and to you for watching him over there, god bless you all!

    1. hola señor daniel le escribe hiram valdivieso desde venezuela y vi que mi padre adoptivo el señor Jaime Montoya esta asistiendo a su iglesia de verdad me he alegrado muchisimo al haber encontrado por lo menos una informacion de el y dios lo y los bendiga a todos los que estan junto a el, el es una tremenda persona muy colaboradora si seria tan amable por favor de comunicarle que yo escribi para saber de el se lo agradeceria muchisimo, le mando un fuerte abrazo tanto a el y a su familia y a usted por cuidarlo por alla, dios los bendiga a todos!