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Sept 17, 2012
Another Week on the Lord’s Errand

 Hello Friends and Family!

This week in the grand mission field of Utah, we didn't have as much time to do as much missionary work as we'd like due to the meets we had almost every day of the week! District, Zone, Training etc.. Most of these meetings consists of "mind blowing" doctrine, and chastisement of things we need to do better. I thoroughly enjoy these meetings. They give a lot for a missionary to ponder about. This week we shall have the privilege to Draper Temple, right before transfers this Wednesday. I'm exceedingly happy to have the opportunity to ponder in the Temple about the things I've learned.

Speaking of the temple, in one of our companionship studies, Elder Parks, Gomez and I studied about the temple all from the Bible. It strengthened my testimony of Modern Revelation, and how the ordinances we have now are talked about in the Bible, but we now have the fullness of these ordinances. Now all i want to do is attend the temple for a week straight to learn more! I'm sure I'll have that opportunity when I'm... 80 years old.

We had 4 investigators show up to church this week, two couples, both from Puerto Rico, both need to get married before they can get baptized. After more lessons, we realize they need to get a firm testimony of the Book of Mormon and of the Restoration. Once they obtain this desire, they will do anything to follow the commandments of God (which is exactly what Jaime Montoya did, doing anything we taught because he knew this was Christ's restored gospel on the Earth).

I've been studying about Christ and how we need to become like him, including developing his attributes. My main focus has been on Faith, Hope and Charity. This week in particular; Charity. According to Moroni 7:45, "charity suffereth long, and is kind, and envieth not, and is not puffed up, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil, and rejoiceth no in iniquity but rejoiceth in truth, beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things." When you think about Christ, this truly describes a part of his characteristics. If we have perfect charity, we are able to bear all the trials we go through, and turn outwards to help others, disregarding anything happening to us. I've been trying to suffereth all things and be kind, (the first two parts of charity). Every time i could get angry i think of the scripture and try to react kindly instead of in anger.

One very valuable piece of advise i learned in my various meetings this week was from my Zone Leader, who was viewing my goals i set for this week. After looking them over he turned to me and told me "to be given things from the Lord, we must sacrifice in return, what are you going to sacrifice this week to reach these goals?" It made me ponder of what things I might have been doing for myself and not for the Lords work, such as taking more time than i need to eat food, or moving slowly between appointments. The Lord put me in this area to find his children to bring them back to live with him once again, and if i don't do my best, i'm using up a space that some other hard working missionary could have filled to bring all of God's children who are prepared and waiting to hear the gospel. In Preach My Gospel, we learn that the secret to missionary work is... Work! We must work hard.

It's great to hear about Peter's success in the MTC, i haven't heard much about Mike or Sky, does anyone have their addresses? He's popular in the mission too! I'll pretend that lots of people sent me letters too but they got lost in the transition of MTC -> Field. (but more seriously, if you sent me a DearElder in the last 6 weeks, i don't think i'll get it, sorry! you might have to bust out the pen and paper and snail mail write me!). I got a letter from Becky, Peter, Justen Wong and my little Sister! It's great to hear from you all! If you haven't received my response yet, you will soon! I also got a mystery package from a lawyer in seattle with 3 bags of sour-patch kids and nothing else. I think it's one of Mary Maughan's friends, who is it!? Thank you all so much for your support! I hope i always respond to those who try to contact me, I'm very focused on the Lord's work and sometimes i forget there is a life/world outside of missionary work, but i love hearing about your lives!

Well, the Lord's work is calling me away from the computer, time to go do some laundry of white shirts, white shirts and white shirts! and a couple black socks.
Love you all and hope your lives are improving in a most rapid manner! Write me and I'll write back

-Elder Toborg-

Do you know if something needs to be changed on Dear Elder for me to receive letters? I haven't gotten a dear elder in 6 weeks since i entered the field (except one from Dad about 4 weeks ago).

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