Friday, August 3, 2012

July 27, 2012

 Hello family!

So good to hear from you in your letters and such! I'm looking down at 1 more P-day, 1 more temple run, 1 more service day etc... the end is getting near for my MTC stay! And thank goodness; I can't wait to get out and buy my own food and cook something healthy for once. I haven't noticed a change in myself at all but somehow I've gained 11 Pounds here now at the MTC. I'm hoping it's leg muscle from my new favorite sports; basketball and when the gym closes sometimes: sand volleyball. Yes mom, I'm doing cardio too, don't worry my heart isn't going to explode! (besides from missing you all!) 

So my Spanish is definitely better; but I don't know how I'm going to handle hearing so many different "types" of Spanish from all across the world! I guess I'll just have the rely on the Lord to help me!

I got a message from Justen Wong, he's been out a year now I think, and soon it will be my turn to follow him out in the field!

The Lord helped me a ton to understand Carlos Garcia's Peruvian Spanish without help! He talks so fast! It was nice to teach all of the lessons for baptism. Teaching all these different kinds of "investigators" is nice but I can't wait to get out into the field and actually bring the gospel to people for the first time! Let's hope my Spanish is up for the task!

This week we got the opportunity to host new missionaries coming in on Wednesday. I got to see so many teary-eyed moms and families send off their missionaries; reminded me of my first day! I got to escort an Elder who's going to serve in Missouri; I don't know what area, maybe near Sky!

We have just three more devotionals to go too; hoping for an apostle! July is the month the apostles take "off" to spend with their families, so the one is August is out only hope! Either way, they're always great devotionals, mostly by emeritus seventy or members of the Seventy. We got to hear from the Area Seventy over all of Salt Lake City, including overseeing the Church's advertising; he had his whole extended family in the front row and we were in the second row; it was fun to think that their grandfather was an area Seventy!

Great to hear that you all (family in Washington) got to climb Poo Poo Point! It reminds me of Peter's cool computer background of all of Issaquah taken from Poo Poo Point ; I miss Washington! But I'm liking the sunshine I'm getting here ;)

Dad, thanks for your thoughts on Ammon.

I Love you all and I'm so glad I have the opportunity to serve a mission, you guys are in my prayers!

-Elder Toborg

Missionaries in the MTC together
from Daniel's Freshman Ward at Helaman Halls
BYU 107th Ward

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