Saturday, August 4, 2012

August 4, 2012

Hello Everyone!

Sorry I couldn't write on Friday, we had in-field orientation all day! So our P-day got pushed back to today (Saturday), and even now it's sort of a half day-P-day so we can get packed.

First off: I was scheduled to leave Wednesday the 8th at 6am, however it turns out there are 32 of us going to my mission on the same day! This is more than the mission field could handle at one time so they split the group up into two; 15 heading on Tuesday and 17 on Wednesday. I'm in the group going Tuesday! So I'm heading out into the field a day early! I saw a list of the people going; its about 15 Spanish speakers and 17 English speakers; so I assume that's how they split up the groups. I'm going to be in the field in 3 days!!

Yesterday, the 3rd, during infield orientation we got the chance to see some of the workings of what will be going on infield, however they displayed them to us in the form of plays and workshops; so not the most realistic settings but the got the information we needed. We learned that the best missionaries use the Ward to their fullest potential; getting members to help, the Bishop, the ward mission leader. We were able to practice some contacting situations such as on a bus, at the airport, and on the street. We also practiced using members during our lessons, and choosing a member that would be able to influence the member in the best way possible. This whole situation seemed oddly too simple... and then I realized it's because it was all in English. I'm going to have a dandy time with the Spanish side of things! It might take a significant amount of blank stares at my company for the first couple weeks, but I'm excited to get started helping the Hispanic saints of the Salt Lake City South area!

Besides Friday, I believe this week seemed to pass in a most rapid manner; When I got the opportunity to Host the new missionaries again, it appeared to me as though I had just hosted the week before! Hosting is always a confidence booster because you can see how timid and unprepared Elders are right as they enter the MTC, and then you realize how far you've come from the start. I've been blessed with exceptional teachers who have nurtured my learning experience, both lingual and Gospel, in a most uplifting and edifying way.

I'm not sure how often I'm going to get to attend one of the three temples in my mission, so today might be one of the last times for a while to attend the temple; I know my companion Elder Bay (going to fort Lauderdale, Florida) will be 400 miles away from his temple, so this certainly will be a special temple visit for him, not being close to any temples on his mission.

I hope the family is doing well! I appreciate all the love and support you've showered upon me for the last 9 weeks (and of course my entire life)! It's great to hear about Christie driving, and doing her 4th year hike! She's going to be way too mature when I return.

I saw Mike the day before he left, he's going to do amazing things on his mission! Kevin and I attended the in-field orientation together as we're both leaving on Tuesday, he has a nice buzz-cut, signs of the MTC barber; I'll be re-buzzing my hair today, and maybe a *little* longer than last time {though I had a pro-barber last time ;)}

Peter, I heard all about the storm you brought down during your farewell talk. My mother recounted the details to me, and I think I'd heard all of your stories at least once before ;) I love Dave's desert story, I think about it all the time.

Mom says that they're going to want my bicycle at the mission; I hope I will receive the opportunity to utilize a bicycle during my mission so I can improve my physical health while being fed to death by the members.

My Spanish is coming along well, but I think the next real step is going to be understanding native speakers, which is something I'll learn the best in the field; the time is now! The field is white, already to harvest, and Lo, I'll head out and thrust in my efforts to bringeth salvation to other's souls. Y por el poder del Espiritu Santo, podrai's conocer la verdad de todas las cosas. Claro, nececitari'a el Espiritu Santo en el campo, para compartir el Evangelio de Jesucristo con todas las personas en el mundo. Estoy animado y preparado (o'jala que si'); Estoy muy agradicido por la ayuda de Dios y del Espiritu Santo.

Thank you to all of you and your love and support, I'll talk to you again on the other side, the mission field!

You're forever in my prayers,

-Elder Toborg

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