Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 6, 2012

Hey Everyone!

 Week 4 has come an gone; and today marks an official month here on my mission, and in the MTC. I definitely have begun to change as a person, and have become more centered on Christ.

I'm already beginning to forget words in English, and grammar as well. Spanish will always be a part of my life after my mission, that is for sure!

 This week has been another rush of classroom, cafeteria, and teaching; just as always. We have begun teaching an investigator in the "TRC" or training resource center, where they hire people to come and act as investigators. My investigator is Carlos Garcia from Peru. He speaks fluent, and fast, dropping lots of his "S"es such as "como eta" instead of "como esta" It's great practice for trying to understand native speakers in the field.

 People in my District are starting to get restless, wanting to head out to the field, but we've yet to hit our half way mark in the MTC (tomorrow is the half way I believe). My whole district is leaving  on the Aug 7th due to the fact they have plane rides to catch, but our new Zone leaders (Elder Case and Gray from my district) said "yours is the 8th" which would make sense, since the 8th is Wednesday, and new transfers arrive on Wednesdays, and it only takes 30 minutes to get from the MTC to the mission.

 July 4th; what an amazing thing to witness in the MTC! They ended class 30 minutes early so we could attend a fourth of July program at night. It turns out they didn't need us 30 minutes early out of class so all 2500 missionaries were there early while they were setting up. To solve this unforeseen problem, the mission president of the MTC stood up and has us all sing fun songs such as "Popcorn Popping" and "Once I was a Snowman." It felt so odd to be allowed to scream and yell and have fun during a meeting. Once the program started, we had a musical performance by a Sister, it was great. But the song following it was much more memorable; a member of my zone, Elder Tanner, started off with a piano accompanist and one other elder, Elder Tanner and the elder were playing the Violin. They slowly began, with the piano, to play a medley of patriotic songs, slow and peaceful. Then three elders came out, placed hats on the 3 musicians, and they all busted out in some fiddling. Elder tanner was playing his violin so hard, the bow was getting worn down as dust flew everywhere as they fiddled along. It was great! After the musical performances, they had a video displaying all the missions, and let people raise their hands when they saw their mission. Then we all sang "Praise to the Man" as we appreciated Joseph Smith's work in bringing the gospel to all these nations; they did a good job of not focusing too much on America's Independence, due to the fact that we are so multi-national here.

They then let us out, gave us ice cream, and said "no returning to the residence halls until... the firework show is over!" and let us all watch the Stadium of Fire fireworks show above the Football stadium over at BYU. It was hard to see the fireworks, but it was nice I guess. They made us stay up 1 hour later than normal; and because of this I realize how much I appreciate the 10:30 curfew, we were dead tired the next day.

 Those were the highlights of my week I guess; I appreciated the package I received from the Maughans. Thank you for the sour patch kids and gummy frogs! I'd have to say I ate all the salty items first; I guess I didn't realize I haven't eaten chips/peanuts that often in the last month.

 !!!!!!!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY to PETER MAUGHAN in 2 days!!!!!!!!! He'll finally be old enough to go on a mission... even though he's probably 26 in looks. In about 5 days I believe I'll be getting Kevin here in the MTC? something like that. If Mike is coming the 18th, I believe we'll both leave the 7/8th of august!

 Thanks for the letters from Dear Elder Mom Jessica and Dad! Just letting you know I'm getting them!

My letters seem to be getting shorter; my weeks are getting shorter too it seems! But at the same time the days contain plenty of time in them... Odd experience.

 Glad to hear Christie is in EFY and that you all got to hike the Y. I chuckle every time I see ".. and we waved at you!" in the letters; it's easy to imagine my mother waving at the building as you drive by!

 Sorry you're all alone at home Dad! But you're actually never alone; the Spirit is a constant companion! It was brought up today that as the mission starts; you'll never be alone again. Companion for 2 years, after the mission you live with friends/people in dorms, and then you get married. Peter, hope you enjoyed your alone time ;)

 Love you all and i pray for you constantly!

 -Elder Toborg

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