Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 20, 2012

Hola mis Amigos y Familia!

I'm super excited to have the opportunity to write to you all again! This week has, once again, flown by like no other. I'll start with the most exciting news: Kevin's arrival into the MTC. Kevin seemed pretty... shocked.. by the change the MTC brought, but I know with the Lord's help he'll do just fine! Mike, Kevin, and I got the opportunity to take a picture together in front of the world map. Kevin and Mike have the pictures on their cameras, so I hope you all can get those pictures from them.

Thank you for the package I got in the mail Family! It was such a delight to have some homemade goodies, pictures of the family and those t-shirts are awesome, looks like it's my turn to wear the "moose shirt" instead of always giving my dad the Cabelo's moose shirt and taking the Cabelo's bear shirt :P Everyone in my hall recognizes the Cabelo's Moose, so now I take pride in the moose :) Thanks! To make my week even better, I got a letter from Lauren, which certainly brightened my day, week, and probably month ha ha. I love hearing from you all, interesting things that are going on in your lives and such, any news I get from you all is all the news I'll hear/know :)

 I've been kind of upset to hear that my whole district will be leaving on August 7th, leaving only me on August 8th (apparently it doesn't take a day of travel to get to SLC from Provo, c'mon aren't they going to fly me by helicopter or something since I don't get to go on a plane!?). I was able to find another district (Spanish) leaving August 8th with me, so I'll probably become their companion for a day, and then we can all take a hopefully not empty bus ride together. It's coming up fast! I hope I'm ready, gospel wise. As for the language, I have faith that the Lord will help me learn (now and) in the field (with the way the natives speak). I have already seen an immense increase in my learning because of his help, and I know it will continue if I do my part by study and obedience.

This last Tuesday devotional was by Brother Featherstone, author and Emeritus Seventy, in which he .. for lack of a better word.. threw a bunch of stories at us from his life, which were incredibly hard to write down if not impossible, but which all had great spirit endings. Sunday's devotional was a treat; an almost all musical performance by world renown violinist; Jenny Oaks Baker (daughter of Elder Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles). She recounted her story of success playing the violin, starting at age four, all the way until now, as a mother of four children. In between small snippets of her spiritual experiences and how the Lord has strengthened her when playing and practicing, she would play songs for us, along with ¿accompionment? from her co-worker and professional pianist. The second to last piece was performed by her 4 children, which made up quite a nice orchestra; 10 year old on the violin, 9 year old on the piano, 7 on cello and the one son, 5 years of age, on the guitar. The 9 year old pianist.. was quite frankly twice as skilled as me at the piano, and made my jaw drop when she started playing. The lord surely blesses us if we practice!

My "investigators" are going well, almost too well, committing to follow every commandment of the lord that we teach them about. I sure wish it would be like that in the field, but I'm prepared for much more difficult times. I've decided the two best ways to understand native speakers and speak the language best; (now that I've hopefully been taught most of the grammar rules) is just to memorize verbs and words, and then listen to native speakers talk so I can make connections and listen to short cuts that natives like to use when they talk. Also: Relaxing and just listening and not worrying about what I'm going to say back in Spanish has helped me understand a ton. Focus 100% on what they are saying; and you'll hear!

Mom,  I love the shirts, was the "Life is Good" Dad's old one? I'm pretty sure, made me miss hiking with him a ton! I love you! Thanks for the package again :)

Dad, I miss hiking with you now, we need to do something when I get back in 2! Love you!

Thanks for all your support everyone! I love hearing from you, good luck on everything with the house Mary and Peter! Get that A in your class Peter!

Any questions? Dear Elder :)

Missionary work is an amazing thing.

-We leave our families for 2 years, so other families can be together forever-

With love,

-Elder Toborg

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