Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th of July, 2012

Hola mis amigos y familia!

Viernes del trece! FRIDAY THE 13TH! Watch out Satan's day, I’m going to convert everyone!! Oh wait I’m still in training...

 I've now been at the MTC for 5 weeks, pushing 6 now, and I honestly find time to be at least half as long as it used to be. 3 hour classes now feel like 1 hour classes I used to take at school, and the 1 hour teaching appointments seem to last 10 minutes! There's not enough time to teach about the gospel!

 As I lean over and ask my companion, Elder Bay, "What happened this week?" he replies with "nothing...” That's sort of the feeling when we look back and can't remember if the devotionals we hear were from last week, this week, or 4 weeks ago. There are many spiritual messages that are given to us missionaries; most of which are specifically for the challenges that we find in the mission field or in the MTC (seeing as they aren't published anywhere else, they really are only used for missionary use). From the archives of talks here at the MTC, my district was able to watch a talk by Elder Bednar entitled "Recognizing the spirit" in which he gave three experiences of different ages when he felt like doing something, and did it. With 30, 16 and 1 year(s) of hind-site, he was able to say that they were indeed promptings of the spirit. He answered the question "Is it just me thinking or is it an impression of the spirit?" with "Quit worrying about it and get to work!" This whole talk directed us missionaries to get up and do the things we should be doing and do any thought, no matter how weird, as long as it's within the gospel teachings, and to quit worrying about whether or not it's the spirit.

It's great to hear that the family is back home and now Dad realizes that he misses the silence he once had: double edged sword; we never realize how much we miss something until its gone: such as family for a couple weeks, and silence once they return! The same is for the spirit here in the MTC; when I make a commitment or start to teach from my own mind instead of how the spirit guides me, I can feel the spirit leaving me and I realize I need to take a step back and listen for thoughts that come into my mind. It's very easy to block out the spirit when you really just want to teach something you know you have the Spanish vocabulary for. However, if you teach what you should, the words do come, maybe not in a perfect grammatical order, but the point is understood by the person.

Well, last email I said "I’m excited to see Kevin!" and then... in the cafeteria I see Mike... and immediately realize, "oops I switched their dates around... ELDER RENNIE!" as I yell and hug him. He had been here for 2 days when I saw him, but we found out we have dinner at the same time every day so we'll get the chance to talk later. I'll get his perspective on teaching without learning a language. So it's Kevin July 18th, Peter August... 15th? And now the newest addition, Sky September 5th! Missouri will receive a great missionary! I found out that the general authorities want to send all missionaries to their own countries on missions now; however since there are just so many saints in the US they still get sent elsewhere; 4/5 of us are stateside so maybe 20% go foreign now? Who knows!

Well I can't think of anything else right now; ask me questions on dear elder! Thank you all for your support and love and prayers, i pray for you all too!

 -Elder Toborg

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