Friday, June 22, 2012

June 22, 2012

 Hey Everyone!

 I've seen two new batches of missionaries entering the MTC, and I feel as though I'm an expert at the MTC; except that little "language" thing that I always am working on.

I hope the birthday celebrations went well Mom, sorry I couldn't be there, but the Lord has called me, and I shall do his work.

Tomorrow (Saturday the 23rd), the new Mission Presidents will be arriving at the MTC, and along with them, ALL twelve of the apostles and all three of the First Presidency throughout the week will make appearances; apparently they like to teach Mission Presidents well. The chances of meeting an apostles will sadly be very low, as they now have separate places for the apostles to eat, to walk, and we're not allowed in their building. I guess I can look forward to some good devotionals though! The Houston Texas Mission (4 of the Elders in my district of 8 are going there) is going to get a new Mission President, so they get to go to a special class to meet him and have dinner with him.

Good to hear from Justen's letters! I can relate so much more to them already, just being in the MTC! Wow he's going to be at his hump day (1 year) so soon! and only 1 month until Kevin and Mike are in the MTC with me! I'm still so bummed that I won't see Pete.

I definitely am improving; Our teachers are starting to speak faster and only in Spanish, however English comes out if all 8 of us give back blank stares. I couldn't have asked for a better district, we support each other very well and we don't seem to have any problems.

Send questions you have on Dear Elder, there's not much that differs now, day to day, at the MTC; the days are beginning to blurr together. Personal study, language study by yourself, 6 hour classes, gym time, eat, sleep, repeat etc..Now I know why Elders can't wait to get out into the mission field! But for now, I'll accept people cooking my food for me and cleaning my dishes.

I'm so glad to be doing the Lord's work, and I hope to continue to become a more efficient tool in his hand as I continue to grow.

That's all for now! Love you all and thank you for your support and prayers

-Elder Toborg

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